Victory #1

We’ve arrived!

This was the first (of many!) photos I took of Lake Superior once we finally arrived.

It took some doing, but we finally made it to the hotel in Duluth. In case you’re in doubt, autumn is beautiful up here, despite the relative chill. It seems to be relentlessly windy here, too; no doubt a caveat of living on a massive lake. (I’m sure that’s mentioned in the fine print I never read.)

Bayfield, Wisconsin

I’ve heard no complaints yet from these guys, though. They enjoyed the Bayfield Apple Festival on Sunday at least as much as I did. Nolan wasn’t big on the fried cheese curds (NOM), nor the cinnamon-toasted pecans (!!!!), but he liked the sweet potato fries we found at the Pier Plaza Restaurant. John found something new and delicious for himself, as well.

Alaskan White

(I can hear your surprise all the way up here.)

John’s job seems to be going well so far. I think our nerves are subsiding a bit, now that we know he’s employed by real people on a real job site. Turns out, John and his boss both worked up on the North Slope at the same time, but on different shifts. Talk about a small world!

Herbster, Wisconsin

For my part, my days are currently consumed with trying to keep Nolan convinced that this is vacation and not torturing him by keeping him constantly in the car, all while simultaneously scouting out places to live. Keep your fingers crossed that we find something soon! This kid needs a yard to dig up, and this mama needs a kitchen. Microwave cooking just does not do it for me anymore.

And I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready to spring Miss Greta from her cushy, well-attended cell.

She's staying at Harbor City Kennels -- highly recommend them!

How’s your autumn so far? For those of you in southern Indiana, did you make it to the Fall Festival? We definitely missed being there this year, but we’ll be back!

Miss you all, and love you lots.


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