Hotel rooms are only good for so much — eating, sleeping, bathing, and -if you’re a monkey- the occasional jumping on the bed. Nolan is still a big fan of UFC-style pillow annihilation, but since this kid practically lived out in our garden back home, we had to find alternate entertainment tout de suite. As luck would have it, we recently relocated to Outdoor Magazine’s Best Town Ever.

We didn’t do it on purpose, but hey, since we’re here…



Nolan does love his sand.

I promise, this kid changes clothes daily. Many dirt, always laundry.

Not pictured - those dang rings he's forever carrying.

Nolan’s latest achievement is climbing as fast as he can to the middle level of the playground equipment and giggling hysterically as though he’s getting away with something horrible.

And any kind of garden never fails to amuse him!

I think we may have found a place to live, finally, complete with a fenced-in yard landscaped to look like a proper Nolan-jungle-land. Like I said before, we didn’t do it on purpose. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

He's already learning to milk it.

(And like I said the other day, it is truly beautiful here!)

Hammond Park, Superior, Wisconsin

4 thoughts on “Parks

  1. Britt, these are incredible photos!!! Are you using your phone camera, or an actual camera? He looks so stinking cute in those jeans and the flannel button down! I miss that sweet boy!


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