We found a place!

With less than 48 hours left of our planned hotel stay in Duluth, we still hadn’t found a place to live. We had just that morning been able to acquire a small storage unit; so though we may have been living in a hotel, at least we weren’t living out of our cars anymore! Later that same day, I found a listing on hotpads.com that I hadn’t seen anywhere else online.

Front Entry

The listing boasted a house for rent, currently also listed for sale. The photos were gorgeous so I called about it immediately. Since the ad was only eight hours old I had my fingers crossed we were the only applicants. We were!

Dining RoomWe were able to view the house once John got off work, and applied for it first thing the next morning. The owner approved us (including Greta) by midday and Thursday morning we had the keys!

Greta in the Garden
Naturally, we didn’t bring any furniture from home so the place is still pretty Spartan. But it’s a gorgeous house, with lots of built-ins and a well-landscaped backyard.

Nolan on the Ramp

Neither of the pups have gotten tired of running laps around the place yet, so I’m calling it a win.

Side Gate

I have to say, what clinched it for me was finding this gem right inside the back door…

Bayfield 82

So now that we’ve got our very own interwebs all the way up here, I’ll have more to share soon.

How is your autumn going? I hear it’s warmer for pretty much everybody than it is here.

Miss you all, and love you!

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