Getting to Know Nolan – October Edition

Morning with the RingsCurrent Stats

DOB: 09/08/2012

Clothing Size: 2T, and heading toward 3T at an alarming pace.

Shoe Size: Infant/Toddler 7

Favorite Book: a googly-eyed animal sing-song board book, called Farm Fun.

Favorite Movie: Disney’s Cars or Frozen

Favorite Food: sausage links

Favorite Character: Elmo

Favorite YouTube Video: Wheels on the Bus collection by  Little Baby Bum

Favorite Song: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Favorite Toy: ring stackers of any kind, but mainly this one and this one

Lord of the Rings

Favorite Activity: anything that requires moving. These days, he gets a particular kick out of trying to climb underneath the dog, or making himself so dizzy he can’t stand up straight.

Favorite Joke: squeezing his eyes shut so he can “hide” from you, then opening them up wide to say “Here I am!”.

So Called Hide and Seek

Favorite Thing in the Whole Wide World: being outside!

Favorite New Thing: having Dad home every single day.

Me and Dad

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