Boo at the Zoo!

First Boo at the Zoo

Lake Superior Zoo got a special treat this weekend during their Boo at the Zoo celebration. Who should turn up in person, but none other than Captain America himself!

Captain America

(Chris Evans has got nothing on this guy.)

First, let me say that the Lake Superior Zoo is absolutely gorgeous. It’s spacious, enough so to accommodate the bazillions of children that came out this weekend.

RIP Donkey

Among our favorite costumes: one enterprising young woman dressed as Indiana Jones, the many Marvel superheroes (of course), but hands down my own favorite was the number of little girls we saw dressed as the Robertson men of Duck Dynasty! (Did you know you could draw beards with brown and black markers? Too, too cute.)

Captain at the Zoo

Mister Nolan was more interested in exploring the LSZ’s landscaping and premiere collection of picnic tables than in trick-or-treating. He made a very gracious appearance for his fans, but then the Captain needed some time at the park to run free.

Captain at the ParkCloser Inspection NeededEl Capitan

Hope you’re all enjoying autumn. The leaves here are dropping at an alarming rate, but we’re definitely enjoying the color.

LSZ scenery from the bridge

More scenery to come soon!

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