Weekend exploring, and other stuff.

This weekend, we snatched John’s day off and ran with it. By midmorning, we were on the road to Canada.

Map at Grand Marais

Spoiler alert: we didn’t actually go to Canada. Niblet’s passport hasn’t come in yet, and I hear they don’t like it when you leave those behind. So that’s a story for another time.

Running at Cut Face Creek
This may be the only photo I have of this child without rings in his hands!

We did, however, aim for Moose Madness in Grand Marais, Minnesota. Sadly, being Sunday, we missed the festivities and were forced instead to explore a beautiful lakeshore village at the foot of Lake Superior National Forest.

Grand Marais

It was rough.

Baywatch at Grand Marais

Especially the pizza at Sven and Ole’s.

Seriously, this is the sign next to the door at Sven and Ole's.
Seriously, this is the sign next to the door at Sven and Ole’s.

As it happens, Minnesota has been here for awhile, and they appear to have caught on that the scenery is extraordinary. We drove around 300 miles that day, and about every minute-and-a-half up the road was another wayside or rest area designed for pulling off the road to take pictures.

John at Cut Face Creek

On our way back down the North Shore, we spent a good hour walking around the shoreline at Temperance River. (Gratuitous Scenery photos can be found here.)

Still haven’t tried the smoked whitefish yet (local specialty, straight from the Lake), but we did track down a market in Duluth reputed to sell the best and freshest local catch. We started with haddock fillets -poached, with roasted new potatoes and broccoli, if you’re interested- and it was everything you could hope for when you’ve got fresh, local fish available.

Inspecting the Shore at Grand Marais

Now, for housekeeping:

If you’re into Instagramming, follow me @roamingrudisills. (That’s where I post the photos you see on the right.) We don’t have a Facebook page for the blog proper, but John and I both post photos to our personal FB pages, so friend us there, if you like. And of course, you can always comment here on the blog!

I also just added the Gratuitous Scenery page. If you like looking at photos of trees and rivers and stuff we see everyday up here, go take a look.

He really, really wanted to get in the water.
He really, really wanted to get in the water.

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