Busy, busy, busy!

Hope your February is clicking along as fast as ours!

The last couple of weeks have flown by, despite the lack of doctor’s or therapy appointments. And it’s been so cold a couple of days up here that John got some extra time off!

Little man here got a couple of new toys.

Absolute most favorite toy in the world right now!
Bet you can guess which one is his favorite toy in the world right now!

We’ve been practicing our drawing skills. (Mom’s work not pictured.)

The strong left grip surprised the heck out of me!
The strong left grip surprised the heck out of me!

Also not pictured: the two-year molars that came in over the last couple of weeks, and the requisite sleep deprivation that came with them!

New skills every day. This is pretty much the funniest!
Seeing new skills every day, it seems. This one was the funniest!

Kiddo’s SLP has been on vacation, so we’ve been working hard on new syllables to show off when he gets back next week!

And we're trying to teach him to talk??
This kid makes a lot of noise… and we’re trying to teach him to talk??

One of the first tools recommended to us on the speech therapy path was a homemade picture book. It’s intended to teach word association with the most familiar images available, so we filled a small album with photos of various objects around the house.

Homemade picture book, suggested by the SLP.
Pictures of mom, dad, and Greta made it in there, too.

We’ve been back to The Avenue Coffee House to play. Since we don’t have any playgroups up here yet (and he’s not in daycare, obviously) it was also recommended that we get Nolan around other kids as much as possible. This is one of our best (free!) options.

Hard at work at The Avenue Coffee House.
Hard at work.

And of course, in addition to growing like crazy, he’s busy getting cuter every day.

Photo by Dad.
Photo by Dad.

Happy Monday, all. Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy!

  1. Oh, Brittany, cry cry, he is losing his baby look. He looks like a little boy now. So handsome. love that long sexy hair lock in the front. lol Thanks for the update. Will text you with updates here. Love and puppy kisses. Mona and Emmie


  2. Our, Noah didn’t want to frank till he was almost three. Now, we can’t get him to stop. Your little man is handsome! Keep up the awesome work being a momma!

    Liked by 1 person

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