Getting Out

Getting outside, I mean. The last couple of weeks have cooled again after the initial thaw, but we’re still soaking up every above-freezing moment of it.

Good thing too, 'cause she's put on a little too much extra fluff this winter!
Even Greta’s getting a little fresh air. Good thing too, ’cause she’s definitely put on some extra fluff this winter. (No judgement here… She’s not the only one who has!)

The last Saturday we had visitors up here, we took a drive up the North Shore. Dad and Nolan got some quality guy time while the rest of us were sight-seeing.

Back to Cut Face Creek.
Back to Cut Face Creek.

I think a good time was had by all!

Can't you tell?
Can’t you tell?

We got some pretty neat photos of some of our favorite spots: Brighton Beach, Cut Face Creek, and of course, Grand Marais.

By the way, our travelling companions made fun of this writer for laying down on the docks to get the photos taken in Grand Marais, so you should go look at them.

Hope you’re all enjoying your springtime!

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