Practicing for Preschool – No Fooling!

I never thought I’d send this face to preschool.


Having read a couple (dozen) articles on homeschooling while pregnant with that face, I was quickly persuaded that homeschooling was a strong possibility for the early elementary years at our house.

Getting ahead of myself, much? Yeah, well. It's certainly not the first time.
Getting a bit ahead of myself, you say? Yeah, well. It’s certainly not the first time.

Now that we’re more three months into speech therapy, conversations with the pros (Hi, Jen!) have changed my mind about preschool, at least. Preschool resolves the lack of interaction with his peers, which (coupled with continued proximity to the pros) should speed his speech development along faster and better than I can do at home alone.

You may find this hard to believe, but even I can't talk that much.
I cannot take credit for this hair. That’s 100% Dad’s contribution. (Genes are weird, dude.)

You may find this hard to believe, but even I cannot talk that much.

So even though it is still many moons away, in preparation for preschool we’ve begun attending a couple of playgroup times at the local elementary school.

I can tell you the first day did not start off well; I’m very glad we started practicing for this six months in advance. It took us more than thirty minutes just to get in the classroom door.

Nothing wrong with kiddo's pipes, that's for sure. (Pretty sure that one does come from me.)
Nothing wrong with kiddo’s pipes, that’s for sure. (Pretty sure that part does come from me.)

We’ll keep practicing, though. First day is always the hardest, right?


We’ve also been practicing some of the activities at home, specifically sensory playtime. Mom decided to start with rolled oats (mainly because we already had them in the house).

It was a hit.
Sensory playtime was a hit.

He played like this for nearly forty-five consecutive minutes. Like, in the same spot in the room. Without hardly moving. Forty-five minutes.

Unfortunately, the purpose of this exercise was to practice keeping the messy stuff in the big container, like we’re supposed to do at ‘school’.

As you can see, we need some more practice.

As you can see, we need to practice some more.

(For some of the other home-preschool activities we’re working on these days, check out the Kid Stuff and Kid Learning boards on my Pinterest page!)

In other news, Nolan and I took a trip down the road to Rice Lake, Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago (right after our visitors left, in fact).

Ecstatic to be out of that car.
He travels well, but is always ecstatic to be let out of the car.

We weren’t really in town to sightsee, but after a long-enough drive somebody needed to stretch his ever-growing legs. I can tell you that Rice Lake has one of the nicest Veterans Memorial Parks I have ever had the privilege to visit!

Of course, Nolan – as always – preferred the picnic tables.

Maybe we should get one for the backyard.
Maybe we should get one for the backyard.

Are you all enjoying your spring? I’m missing our garden back home already. Hope your April is off to a good start!

P.S. What do you think of the blog’s new look? Let me know!

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