Another Weekend Off

We found out yesterday that my husband gets another –hold up, wait for it– two days off this week!

May not sound like a big deal, but it’s becoming increasingly rare as the weather gets better.

You better believe we're going outside every minute we can!
You better believe we’re going outside every minute we can!

Two weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to get him to ourselves for three consecutive days. We hied off to another pretty corner of the state (There are plenty of them up here!) to celebrate our Easter.

April Ashland Trip 053

Ashland, Wisconsin is a pretty tourist town that sits due south of Bayfield (which you might remember from one of our first posts — can’t wait for Applefest again this year!).

It was too chilly for a whole lot of outdoor play (the wind off the lake is NO JOKE sometimes), but we made do.

We found the coolest playground in Bayfield while we waited for the ferry.
We found the coolest playground in Bayfield while waiting for our ride to the island.

Saturday, we took the ferry from Bayfield to Madeline Island, the only populated island in the Apostle Island archipelago of Lake Superior. Naturally, there are plenty of Gratuitous Scenery photos!

While on the island, we met up with one of John’s coworkers. Buddy and his wife, Susan, pointed us in the right direction for a drive-by tour of Madeline.

Action shot. Never fails!
Action shot. Never fails!

And turns out, Susan is an actual photographer. Like, a real one! She was kind enough to share her photos of us, and gave me permission to share them with you. Take a look!

Hope you’re all doing well. Enjoy some springtime for me this weekend, will you? I hear we’re supposed to get some more snow next week!

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