Happy Anniversary!

RoamingRudys was born one year ago today!

First day in the new house!
First day in the new house last October!

We’ve also hit some other anniversaries the last couple of weeks. We became Wisconsinites on October 2nd, and followed that up with our very first Bayfield Apple Festival. To celebrate, we decided to go again!

It was even better than last year – sunnier weather, more vendors. I swear, even the cheese curds were better. (Although the real MVP this time was the cinnamon roasted pecans. If you ever get the chance, try them; you won’t be sorry!)

Our first morning in Wisconsin.
Somebody here enjoyed all the hotels last fall… plenty of new beds to jump on!

I’ll spare you any more throwback photos today (although you can always see them on our earlier blog posts!). Suffice it to say, this year has absolutely flown by. That pretty little boy staring out that hotel window is now a beautiful, enormous, forty-pound three-year-old.

The tantrum pictured here was brought to you by the fact that he didn’t want to get out of the car. (I suspect the fast food sign we passed on the way home had something to do with it.)

In my own defense, I only took pictures because I was trying to prove to John just how challenging it is to operate one-handed some days —

Since my other hand is usually tied up with this guy! (It’s rough, I tell you what.)

We thought we escaped the “terrible twos” with Niblet this past year. Turns out, he was just saving them up for a time when his voice could cover a better distance.

My neighbors can assure you, it does.
Our neighbors will testify — it carries.

And now, for the obligatory new-baby photos!

2.5 weeks old. Cheeks!
2.5 weeks old – his first official weigh-in at two weeks old put him at 10lbs 6oz. All of it in his cheeks!

I’m going to have to start posting more often.

More cheeks! (2.5 weeks)
More cheeks! (2.5 weeks)

He is changing by the day, I swear. And heaven knows, putting on weight like a champ!

3 weeks old.
3 weeks old.

R2 here is sleeping all the extra that Niblet decided to skip out on the last three years.

Thank the Lord!

Charming everybody already, even in his sleep.
Charming everybody already, even in his sleep.

Saying all this to say, we’re doing pretty well these days. :)

Happy Sunday, everybody!

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