Busy, Busy, Busy.

Usually that’s the phrase that follows my three-year-old as he tromps from one room to the next. These days, it’s a pretty accurate description of all of us.

Fist bump
Fist bump!

This guy can’t get off the ground fast enough. Anytime he hears his big brother pipe up, he starts wiggling like mad. Got a pretty good idea we won’t be able to catch him once he’s actually mobile.

Halloween was a bit of a bust for us this year. Big Brother caught his first preschool round of croup that week and promptly passed it on to R2, so we spent the evening enjoying the other trick-or-treaters.

We attempted costumes but…

First Halloween
This one was only on him for about ten minutes before it got pitched in the laundry.

And not to be outdone…

Third Halloween
This guy didn’t want to wear his costume at all. The closest we got to ‘pirate’ was ‘stowaway’.

John, of course, is hard at work. The project is finally coming to an end, which means he has to be on site pretty much every waking hour (and often the not-so-waking hours; they keep moving him back to night shift).

Jungle gym 3.jpg
Poor kid is going to grow up thinking he’s a puppy if Nolan keeps petting him like this!

For me, it means wrangling these hooligans while simultaneously attempting to pack boxes faster than this guy can unpack them.

Sneaky sneaky
I swear, he’s getting faster at this stuff by the minute.

I’m also working my way through an extensive To-Be-Read pile, in an attempt to unload some of my books before we have to rent them their own U-Haul truck.

My goals!.jpg
The books I want to finish before we leave — too ambitious? (Incidentally, this doesn’t include the twenty-five or so novels on my Kindle.)

I hope you all are having a great week. After an unseasonably warm November, we’re finally due for the first snow of the year tonight.

It was nice while it lasted!

Jungle gym 2.jpg
Good thing we’ve got Little Brother’s toys to keep us occupied!



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