Halfway Out of the Dark

(I took the main photo above at McQuade Harbor back in mid-November. Check out Jake Trost’s photo of what it looked like on the last night of 2015!)

Guard dog.jpeg
I know I’ve said it before, but we’ve got some pretty great travelers here.

Our return trek to Indiana was uneventful, which is about the best thing you can say about traveling right before Christmas.

As one does.jpeg
*Mostly uneventful.

It took a little time, but Wild Child here seems to have figured out where we are.

I assume he had a plan.jpeg
I think having a cache of toys he hasn’t seen in awhile must have helped.

Greta, however, had absolutely no trouble adjusting. She’s been loving having a bigger yard to run around, not to mention a fence she can see through.

Pup Besties.jpeg
And her buddy Echo came to visit – she’s been a happy dog the last couple of weeks!

Christmas was a blast for big brother this year. Thanks to a tip from his preschool teachers, Santa knew which toy had become his most favorite. R2 didn’t mind wearing big brother’s Viking hat, and got a few new toys of his own as well.

By the way, that Viking baby started rolling over this week. He’s speedy about it, too — I get the distinct impression he’s desperate to catch up to big brother.

We’ve been getting some quality family time, now that we’re back in town. Auntie M made a holiday appearance and I’m pretty sure Nolan’s face is chapped because of it.

Loves Auntie M.jpeg
From hugs and kisses and cuddles and playing, I mean.

We’ve been doing our best to get the house in order as fast as possible. Unpacking over Christmas has been… an adventure.

(Let’s just say the employees of our local donation-accepting thrift store have come to know us on sight.)

My favorite room so far is getting finished today.

Exercise room project.jpeg
New home gym space! Probably going to have to move the kid stuff to make room for the treadmill. By the way, that mini trampoline might scare the bejeezus out of mom, but this guy absolutely loves it. (You’re surprised, I can tell.)

Unfortunately, the rest will have to wait. John has to make a brief guest appearance back in Wisconsin to tie up some work ends, so it’s back to the salt mines on Monday.

Dad's lap.jpeg
It was a nice break while it lasted!

We’re still not set on our next location — when we figure it out, you’ll hear it here first.

Happy new year, everybody!


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