Catching Up, and Happy Easter!

It’s been two months since our last post, but remember – this blog is called Roaming Rudys. Not “Rudys at Home Doing Nothing in Particular,” although if or when we give up travelling for work, that’s probably what we’ll have to start calling the new blog.

So here’s what you missed:

Exploring new territory
My kids are still pretty much the cutest ever.

John had to go back to Wisconsin after Christmas to help “tie up loose ends,” they said. “Just a few weeks,” they said.

He was home briefly for my birthday at the end of January. Otherwise, “a few weeks” turned into two full months.

Still cuter than cute.jpeg
Yep. Still cute.

So me and the pups all hunkered down for the end of a mild winter in southern Indiana to wait him out.

Growing faster than ever.jpeg
Lots of playtime at home.Not brave enough to try taking them out in public by myself just yet, except when it’s nice enough for the park.

The boys got to rediscover some old territory.

Rediscovering old territory
Monkey boy.

Big brother there has had a haircut since, I swear. (No photos of that, because I did it myself. The next time you give your first haircut using kitchen shears on a moving target, YOU post pictures.)

Sounding off
Outfit courtesy of our wonderful Wisconsin neighbors – HI DAN AND DEBBIE!

Little brother here is a chatterbox. And loud, very loud. I mean, jeez.

Still too attached to the damn tablet.jpeg

Still too attached to the tablet. And no, still no potty training yet. I have high hopes for this spring, but then, I’m an optimist.

I’ll have another update for you in a few days. You can safely assume that since posting has resumed, we’re on the road again, but I’m not telling you where until we get there. In the meantime, here’s a hint:


Happy Easter, everybody!


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