The Augusta Experiment

So now you know — our newest vein of exploration is just outside Augusta, Georgia. Technically, John is working across the state line in a tiny town called Jackson, but we’re staying in the Big City this time.

We’ve had some beautiful days here on the Savannah River, with plenty of spring storms to keep it interesting. I hear there’s some big golf thing going on, too, but I haven’t seen anything but heavy traffic so far.

Balcony view
We got lucky and snagged a gorgeous furnished apartment in a great neighborhood. John gets all the credit for this find – I had us looking at a particularly unsavory (read: cheap) part of town.

The boys are adjusting quickly, which shouldn’t surprise me considering they’ve already seen more of the country than many people see in their entire lives.

I’ve come to terms with never getting them both in focus at the same time. (You probably should, too.)

Now that we know for sure we’re going to be in one place for awhile, it’s time focus on on a task I admit to have been dreading.


I don’t want to. I really, really, really don’t. But this kid weighs more than most first graders. As long as he’s not dead set against it (and I’m pretty sure he’s not), it’s time to press the issue.

Nolan tunnel
I need a faster camera.

John starts the new job on Monday; we’ll likely be here until midsummer, maybe longer. Good thing we’ve got a playground (with a splash park!) nearby.

Nolan playing

It has a huge board engraved with basic numeric conversions – particularly cool since Big Guy here is really big into tracing letters and numbers right now.

Favorite thing at the park
Too soon to tell if he knows what any of them mean, but I know he’s at least starting to recognize them.

There’s a highly-rated children’s therapy group nearby where we hope to get Nolan back into speech therapy. Starting the hunt for a good local daycare too, just in case we decide to stick around long enough for me to return to work. We’ve also already found a great place for hiking.

Forks Trailhead sign
Let me clear: by hiking, I mean walking around in the woods until the kids decide it’s time to do something else. (Or the ratio of mosquitoes:exposed surface area is too great.) Just in case you were imagining something more athletic.

But I’ve got a good idea of how we’re going to be spending most of our days.

Nolan closer

In short, we’re settling in. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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