Masters Week

(Spoiler Alert: This post isn’t about golf at all.)

However, it is Masters Week here in Augusta, which means we haven’t done much exploring in the city. We logged a lot of travel time the last few weeks; I didn’t want to push my luck with the young’ns in all that traffic.

First, we went to visit family in North Carolina. (Hi, family!)

Channeling Bruce Campbell.jpeg
John was laughing too hard to sit still while teaching Nolan all about Bruce Campbell.

We spent several days at home after that trip to let the kiddos decompress a bit; they’re patient travelers and I’d really prefer to keep it that way.


Brothers in the fireplace.jpeg
The table was strategically placed to keep the boys away from the fireplace. Worked like a charm, as you see.

We’re working on getting Nolan into speech therapy with a local pediatrics group, but haven’t started yet. However, for a kid who’s only clear, repeatable word is “No!” he’s awfully interested in letters, numbers, and words these days. (Admittedly, it sounds more like “neh,” but even strangers know it when they hear it.)

He had a little help but I’d say 75% of the sequencing work here was all Nolan.

We’ve been visiting the playground nearly every day, and just discovered that it contains a water park!

Brookfield Park water park
The geyser only operates intermittently, maybe every 3 minutes or so.

Naturally, this piqued my kid’s interest.


The next few minutes were entertaining. The water burbles at a very low level when the geyser isn’t at peak, so he had to get close to investigate. I was terrified he’d get hit in the face by the rush of water and end up blind or half-drowned or something.

Farfetched? Maybe, but I’ve never let that stop me from overreacting in the past.

I had Silas strapped across my chest in the baby-carrier, so I’m yelling at Nolan to get back. Like, yelling, which I really hate to do. It’s exhausting. And people were staring.

If you’ve ever met my firstborn, you know exactly how successful I was at getting him to step back.

(I wasn’t.)

He didn’t get hit in the face, thank God, but once the water started spraying, his hasty retreat lead him straight to where the water was coming down the hardest.

Inevitable aftermath
By this point, I was laughing so hard I could barely keep up with him.

Bless his heart.

Not as scared as I thought he'd be
He wasn’t nearly as scared by it as I thought he’d be.

And he recovered quickly.

Back to check things out

Might be the end of our water park adventures for the summer… but I doubt it.

In another attempt to avoid the crowds and traffic, we took a drive up into South Carolina to check out Aiken. We didn’t get a chance to see much of the town itself, although the downtown walkway was gorgeous. Instead, we stumbled across their library and it’s very well-designed playground.

Library Park's awesome playground.jpeg

Big guy had a blast. All the climbable parts were closer to the ground, which made the experience a good deal less stressful than usual for me.

Check out the big featured photo at the top of the page – that’s one of the views of the park. And if you see that little speck of yellow in the corner, that’s a Helicopter Mom in active recovery.

It’s a daily struggle.

My boys.jpeg

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!


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