We Made It! (Columbus Edition)

Welcome to Columbus, Georgia!

Swinging with dad
Swings never get old.

We’ve only been in town about 48 hours, but I think we’ve already found our favorite spots — park, pool, store, and home base.

The toy hoarder
The Toy Hoarder

The boys are fantastic travelers, but I think they were glad to spend some time outside the car.

We discovered that John’s commute will be all of eight minutes.

John of the Rock
Hard to beat that!

In standard kid news, we’re still working on potty training. In my inexperienced opinion, I’d guess Nolan is about halfway there. That was largely accomplished by letting him spend the summer mostly naked.

Needless to say, pants have become anathema.

Checking out the park.jpg

But we’re getting there. We have also had some sleep issues the last few weeks. Or rather, we had some issues. Apparently, all this kid needed was his own couch to sleep on in his own room, because for the first time in his life he’s sleeping through the night in his own ‘bed’!

Heading to the river.jpg
Checking out the Chattahoochee.

It’s only been two consecutive nights (!), but I have high hopes for a third (!!), and maybe even a fourth. (!!!)Dubious.jpg

Silas is still his little ball-of-sunshine self. He seems to be delighted by life in general, as long as his new teeth aren’t acting up. He also appears to have gotten his dad’s loquaciousness.

(Not to mention his mom’s volume.)

Little brother gets the stink eye at least once a day.

Big brother here turns four this week (cue the Mom Tears) and he never ceases to amaze. Yesterday I was nursing Silas when Nolan ran up to us, pointed at Silas and made the ASL sign for ‘baby’. We’ve never really used it, since we know he knows what “baby” means. I had no idea he’d picked up on the sign, too!

Silas being pensive.jpg
So pensive.

John starts work tomorrow which means mom is back to her work tomorrow, as well. Gone are the days of solo grocery shopping and naps!

It was nice while it lasted, but I have to admit… it’s good to be back.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!


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