Beat the Heat

In truth, we’re not “beating” the heat, so much as surviving it, but who’s counting, right?

Hard at work.jpg
This guy bears it like a champ, though I admit, I often wonder if he’d be so amiable if he could talk!

We found another great park over the weekend, one that had some of the same features as our go-to playspace in Augusta (like Nolan’s favorite: the traceable conversions sign in the photo up top).

Dad thought it was a teaching moment. I thought it was the perfect time to stand back, hold my breath, and prepare to dial 911. (Luckily, dad was right… this time!)

John’s new job gets underway today so send him your good thoughts, if you please. While he’s enjoyed being a full-time dad, I know he’s glad to be back to work.

Greta is less excited about him going back to work, I think.

Trying to cool off.jpg
This pup has been downright angelic, considering we’ve moved into a hotel with a bunch of strangers!

We’re working on getting into a routine and I have to say, everybody seems to be adjusting well.

Considering these two don’t have much practice reigning in their energy, they’re doing pretty well with the neighbors, too.

Some things never change.jpg
Some things never change!

Little Man here is turning One Year Old this week, Lord help us.

Catching flies.jpg

He’s walking, and getting closer to running every minute of the day. Not sure who lit a fire under him, but I suspect he’s determined to catch up to his big brother.


Happy Monday to you, everybody. Here’s a little taste of hotel life with an almost-one-year-old to get your week off to a good start!


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